Graphic Design Workshop
Department of Art and Design
East Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 70708
Johnson City, Tennessee


The Graphic Design Workshop is a graphic design course at ETSU where students explore, create, and produce actual design projects for clients. The Graphic Design Workshop has operated since the mid 1980s and has served many varied and prestigious clients non-profit as well as a few for-profit clients.

The class portrays, as closely as possible, work experiences representing clients that students would find in their future place of employment such as advertising agencies, design houses, corporate design positions, and publishing. We are contacted regularly by potential clients who have design needs. According to student enrollment, at the beginning of each semester, students are matched with client demand. Students are then responsible for contacting clients, explaining the ETSU Graphic Design Workshop's services, and working with the client to satisfy their design needs. In addition to designing the graphics, students are responsible for every step in the production of the project, with supervision. During the course of the semester, students serve as the account executive and art director for their clients. They design logos, create print media, web sites, TV Spots, films, and in some cases, create photographs, and write copy for their clients.

Wayne Dyer, advisor of the Graphic Design Workshop feels that this is one of the best experiences a student can have during their university graphic design learning experience.

About the Graphic Design Workshop at ETSU
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