Graphic Design Workshop
Department of Art and Design
East Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 70708
Johnson City, Tennessee


The Graphic Design Workshop, founded in 1988, by professor M. Wayne Dyer, provides students with a vehicle to acquire professional competence in order to perform effectively as graphic designers. The Graphic Design Workshop allows students the opportunity to work with real clients on real assignments receiving practical experience in account management, design and production. This allows students to have professional experience before joining the advertising, publishing, digital hyper or video community.

In the past the workshop has grown to accommodate over fifty client projects during a typical semester. Students participate in a variety of projects including the design and layout of books, brochures, displays, flyers, corporate identity (logos), magazine and newspaper advertising, point of purchase displays, package designs, posters, slide presentations, web page design, animations, videos and other forms of visual communication.


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