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As a practicing multi-media artist, Dyer's works consists of digital and conventional painting, performance, photography, mixed and hyper media, and film/video.   "The desire to express ideas in visual and sometimes written terms is the basis of my work. I do not want nor do I expect anyone to be comfortable with my images. I want to challenge.   I see my art as a vehicle that allows communication of ideas based on social and/or political issues. My art often results in a body of work that expresses a point of view   which arises out of experiences and sensations from personal observations.

Statement art has been an avenue that is historically legitimate for artists. Beckmann, Daumier, David, Gericault, Goya, Kirshner, and more recently Jenny Holzer, Leon Golub, Neil Jenny, and Sue Coe, among others, applied their work as a passionate catalyst for contemporary societal issues. Statement art is, by its very nature, somewhat didactic though subtle.

Dyer received a graduate degree (MFA) from Radford University and joined the faculty of the Department of Art and Design at East Tennessee State University in 1983.   Dyer has served the state as chair of the Tennessee Arts Commission, Media Panel , and was honored with both the College of Arts & Sciences and the East Tennessee State University, Distinguished Faculty Award in Service.